Is There Such a Thing as a Perfect House?

My guest blogger this week is Al Filippone.  Al writes a daily blog for those in the real estate industry.  Often his insights are just too good not to share with my readers.  This post is about the hunt for the perfect home.  


Here Comes The Bride

I had a meeting this week with an Al Filippone Associates’ agent and she reminded me of one of the challenges that buyers have this time of year.  I’m, of course, referring to buyers who are ready to buy.  Nothing to sell and money in hand.  They find a home that is darn near perfect for them.  However, the fact that the Spring Market has just begun, with the promise of greater inventory, inspires cause for pause.

Dr. Jo Ho

Dr. Joseph Ho is the Michelangelo of acupuncturists.  Certainly among the best in the nation.  A diminutive, gracious man, I’ve been seeing him intermittently for years.  He’s from China, where he studied medicine and met his wife during his twenty year confinement in a concentration camp.  Shortly after his release from the camp, he moved to Chicago where he was a general practioner before becoming an acupuncturist and moving to the Northeast.

Dr. Ho’s current office is attached to his home in the beautiful countryside of North Stamford, Ct.  When I first began to see him, his office was attached to his home then too, but in a much less commanding location.  At that time he would often speak to me about his home search.  Our discussions seemed to take place over the course of months.  Being a Realtor, and Realtors being who we are, I couldn’t help but finally comment, “Dr. Ho, you’ve been looking for a home for months.  What seems to be the challenge?”

The Icebreaker

“It’s Mrs. Ho.” he sheepishly replied.  “Whenever we find one that I think will work well for us, she wonders if there isn’t going to be another one the next day that will suit us even better.”  I laughed and responded,  “Suggest to her that, if you had a similar mindset all those years ago when you proposed to her, you may both still be single!”  Dr. Ho got a charge out of that comment, and as was his inclination whenever he heard something that amused him, he repeated it often throughout that day’s session – always with a chuckle.

A Defining Moment

Dr. Ho shared with me that he told his wife of my comment.  It wasn’t long thereafter that they purchased the house that he currently lives in.  Mrs. Ho, sadly, has since passed away.

Net, Net

There is no perfect home, even if you have to live in one for awhile before you realize that fact.  There is also no predetermined number of homes that a buyer needs to view before making an offer on one that he or she is smitten with.  Sometimes the best opportunity for you is a home that you view during your first day looking.  Sometimes not.  To get caught in a trap whereby you think that there’s always another one out there, however, can often lead to a missed opportunity.

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